10 excursions for the weekend near Barcelona

10 excursions for the weekend near Barcelona

Excursions near Barcelona to go on a gateway

Barcelona is a city with a lot of charm. And its surroundings too. You can enjoy excursions near Barcelona with great attractions which you should discover, and which will take you to the Catalan spirit and way of life. Take your backpack and let’s start!


These are only some of the most important attractions to enjoy a city full of life and full of nature:

Llobregat’s source

The source of the Llobregat is the birthplace of the most important river of Barcelona. To enjoy the beautiful and clear waters of the Llobregat, you must go to Castellar de N'hug en el Alto Berguedà. There, you can walk the easy route, of approximately two hours’ duration, until Llobregat’s source, with its peculiar waterfall between rocks. It is certainly one of the most famous and essential excursions near Barcelona.


Climbing to the Tibidabo by bike, a challenge with incredible views. Nearer from Barcelona, the highest peak of the Sierra de Collserola: the mountain of the Tibidabo with its characteristic communications tower and its amusement park at the top. Climbing there is a great experience for the panoramic landscapes as well as for the feeling you will have every time you will stop to enjoy the nature. The route by bike is a very interesting one, with starting and arrival in the Hospitalet, passing through the picturesque neighbourhood of Vallvidrera. You will ride 32 kilometres and climb 800-meter in approximately two hours and a half.

Colonia Güell

Discover one of the secrets of Gaudí. Not everything here will be about excursions near Barcelona! Everyone knows that Barcelona is Gaudí’s city. But the ingenious architect, author of works such as the Sagrada Familia or the Parc Güell, also built other marvels in close places like Santa Coloma de Cervelló. It will not take you a long time to get there, and in its church, you can observe an authentic architectural marvel such as the Colonia Güell.

Vall de Sau Collsacabra

Lovers of nature and excursions in Barcelona have an indispensable date in the fantastic valley of Sau Collsacabra. It is located between the Montseny and the Pyrenees and there, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, leafy forests, small traditional towns… A lot of charm in each of its corners.

Villa Medieval de Bagà

Medieval markets and any type of traditional events are held in this small town, which spent his period of glory in the late Middle Age. However, today, it is still a perfect place to escape big city life such Barcelona’s one. Walk through its mystical streets, visit the Santuari del Paller or the Palacio de Pinòs (the family who founded the town), are some of the evident attractions.

El Bosc Animat

You prefer an option for children? Here we show you some of the excursions near Barcelona which are the favourite of any child. If it is your case and you are travelling with children, you cannot miss a funny adventure in the Bosc Animat or the Enchanted Forest. This multi-adventure park will make them enjoy at any age and it also has activities and options for adults.


The Benedictine monks gave the Montserrat massif a special charisma. In addition of its eye-catching peaks shaped like granite and its landscapes, seeing the image of the Montserrat Virgin, La Moreneta, is the occasion of a pilgrimage for thousands of worshippers. Beyond the religious reasons, having a traditional Mel i Mató, after one of the various excursions near Barcelona, is a pleasure.

Monastery de Sant Benet

Another very interesting place is the Sant Benet Monastery for the excursionists in Barcelona. Its origin has more than thousand years and you will feel the history and a very rooted culture inside. The famous painter Ramón Casas, among other people, lived there. Family workshops focused mainly on gastronomy are offered there, since one of the primary drivers of the foundation is Ferran Adrià, considered as one of the world’s best chefs (if not the best).

Sant Miquel de Fai

Sant Miquel de Fai is a Good option for everyone. This route is easy for all kinds of people, both adults and children, so it is one of the best excursions near Barcelona to go with your family. There, less than an hour from Barcelona, you will find a 15th century monastery, caves, a great waterfall, picnic areas…

Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró

Authentic adventurers and mountaineers cannot miss the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró with very famous mountains like the Pedraforca and hundreds of routes through its forests. Picasso himself was so passionate about the place that he stayed there for a time and it helped him to develop his artistic style (he started to use ochres colours inspired from the majestic landscapes that surrounded him).

Maresme Beaches

If you or your family are crazy about trips to the cost and prefer this kind of excursions near Barcelona, there are fantastic beaches at few times from the city. Among Maresme beaches, the playa dels Anglesos de Caldes d’Estrach, the playa de las Dunas de Santa Susanna or the playa de la Roca Grossa de Calella are very stunning.

As you can see, Barcelona is the starting point for excursions to wonderful places with an exciting culture. The Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés,, thanks to its localization, is the ideal accommodation to discover Barcelona and its surroundings.