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Some villages near Barcelona to visit

Some villages near Barcelona to visit

Barcelona is one of the culturally richest provinces, with some of the most beautiful places on the Peninsula. If you are planning a trip to discover the province, you should be aware that Barcelona as a lot more to offer than the classic wining combination of beach and sun.

5 villages near Barcelona you should visit

We are going to discover some of the villages near Barcelona that are well worth visiting at least once in your lifetime:


Located at the foot of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i d'Obac, it is a small village with a medieval and very charming appearance. You can walk through its narrow and steep streets, discovering unique places like the Romanesque church. You can enjoy peaceful walks with stunning views and feel you make part of a centuries-old tradition. Walking around the town, you can find numerous monuments which are well worth visiting, but you also can go until the river at the foot of the town and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Rupit i Pruit

Rupit i Pruït is another of the most beautiful and very charming towns of Barcelona, that you will discover in Osona region. The main attraction is that it remains an ancient and well-preserved aesthetic with stones houses and a bucolic charm. Ideal for a romantic trip. It has various must-visit stops like the old suspension bridge or the church.


Another of these mountain charming villages, located this time in the Maresme region, at only 18 kilometers from Barcelona. Apart from being located in a dreamy environment to relax of the daily life, you can visit the surprising abandoned school of Escalopios. An interesting and curious visit of what used to be a catholic school which fell in disuse and, then, was abandoned. Another important visit waiting for you in Alella is the grandes bodegas (great wineries) of Alta Alella, from which you can have a walk with a stunning panoramic view of Barcelona and of the Mediterranean. In this farm you also can practice other interesting activities. It is an ideal place for a bike excursion from Barcelona, enjoying the cava and the peace of the area and coming back to city before the end of the day.


Bagà is another of these lucky towns with a strong medieval character, located near the Natural Park of Cadí-Moixeró, one of the most important and beautiful natural parks of the province. Apart from the bucolic backgrounds Bagà offers, it is also advisable to visit the Medieval and Cathar Centre, the Romanesque bridge (ideal for a romantic visit) and the path of good men.


What about Sitges? One of the most known and emblematic towns of the Mediterranean cost. Internationally famous for the aesthetic combination of quiet fishing town and modern town. Sitges has numerous attractions like some of the best and most visited beaches and a surprising peace during the day. When you visit Sitges, you cannot forget to visit its museums such Cau Ferrat or Museu Maricel, among others.

These are some of the most beautiful villages near Barcelona, we hope you like them and visit them soon!

Things to do in Barcelona: activities not to be missed

Things to do in Barcelona: activities not to be missed

Every time we visit a city, we are filled with the same doubts: What to do? What to visit? Which kind of program to organize? To make your work easier, we have made a compilation of ideas and suggestions that will help you to plan your holidays. See below our various proposals which include various activities, type of plans and things to do in Barcelona.

Things to do in Barcelona: chose your program

Barcelona is a big international and multicultural city which offers us the opportunity to enjoy an infinity of places and different activities. An essential place for the cultural visits as well as for the leisure ones.

For the number of distinct things to do in Barcelona (from most common activities and visits not to be missed, to some more original and audacious ones), we have divided our proposals into five parts differentiated perfectly. Which is your favourite?

Cultural programs

One of the best reasons to visit Barcelona city is the large offer of cultural activities and events it hosts. One of the best things to do in Barcelona is to visit the mythical Sagrada Familia church. It is a monument, still under construction, with colossal dimensions, located in the centre of Barcelona. It was designed by the famous Antoni Gaudí, a leading figure considered the greatest exponent of the Catalan modernist style.

Continuing with the works of the master Gaudí, it is also recommended to have a walk in the “Paseo de Gracia”, where you can enjoy different shops and modernist architectural elements (and also works of the famous Lluís Domènech i Montaner).

As for the museums, Barcelona hosts more than 80 museums, some so famous and emblematic as the Museu Picasso.

Romantic program

Another of the best things to do in Barcelona is to enjoy the intimacy and complicity of visiting romantic places. For it, you will find a lot of opportunities to live the love together with your partner.

Mythic gardens like Tamarita’s ones or the Laberint D´Horta are remote and spectacular places where you can get butterflies in your stomach. An obligatory visit for the lovers.

Family programs

There are many emblematic places and many things to do in Barcelona, and some of the most curious is for the families. If you want to travel with your loved ones, there are emblematic and fun options like the visit of the famous Rambla de Barcelona: a unique and beautiful walk which will take you from the central Plaça de Catalunya to the old harbour.

We also recommend the visit of the Tibidabo amusement park, where you will enjoy stunning views of city and you will have fun with the attractions.

And, finally, another obligatory visit: the Güell Park. A huge park designed by Gaudí with beautiful walks and places where you can take incredible photos, like the magical and famous salamander.

Sports programs

Are there things to do in Barcelona for the most active ones? If you like sports, you are lucky because Barcelona offers visits of important sports places you must visit, like the FC Barcelona football ground Camp Nou or the Port Olímpic.

But the most modern and popular visits is the Sharma Climbing BCN. A huge climbing wall led by one of the living legends of climbing, nobody less than Chris Sharma. A meeting place for thousands of climbing lovers where you can enjoy an exciting climbing day with renowned professional players of this extreme sport.

Overnight programs

And to round off the day, what better than relax having a drink while enjoying the Mediterranean night?

You can visit the famous Gothic quarter, where you will find a lot of very popular and mythical places like the Bosc de les Fades. It is a dreamy bar pulled from fantasy tales, which breathes a kind of special mysticism.

And if you want something livelier, you can go to the sala Razzmatazz, where you can enjoy many music rooms and live concert halls. The sound quality of this place is stunning and will delight music lovers.

We hope we have helped you and you took note of some of these activities and things to do in Barcelona. Let’s enjoy all the activities of this big city!

And, if you need an accommodation to spend some days in the city, we invite you to the Fundació Pere Tarrés hostel to enjoy the city. 

Night of the museums Barcelona 2019: information and activities

Night of the museums Barcelona 2019: information and activities

As it is already a tradition, each year the International day of the Museum is held in May and its respective “Night of the museums in Barcelona”. Around 18 May, generally on the closest Saturday. It is a great international event which involves more than 157 countries, more than 36.000 museums and more than 37 languages. After the famous international day of the museum, the night of the museums starts, a moment during which magic and culture collaborate to offer us an absolutely unique experience.

Internacional day of the Museum

The ICOM (international council of museums) created this event in 1977 in order to increase public awareness about the challenges facing museums in the modern society. After all the ICOM defines the museums as non-profit institutions which goal is to preserve the heritage of humanity. After this first call, more and more museums started to participate year after year until now. Over the years, we see that, in addition of being a meeting point for culture lovers, the museums made considerable efforts to offer different kind of activities and events to accompany a so important day.

Night of the museums

Years after the creation of the international day of the museums, a European initiative created the night of the museums. The goal of the night of the museums is the same, to rise public awareness about the importance of the museums and to be a meeting point. However, no one can deny that visiting a museum at night is more charming than during the day.

In addition, we are lucky to have more than 80 registered museums for this event in Barcelona and surroundings. In many of which you can enjoy events like concerts, games for children (like the treasure hunt), short films and all kind of guided visits and talks. It has become the ideal date for culture lovers.

The museums you cannot miss

Officially, we can enjoy the “night of the museums from 7:00 pm, even if most of the museums will offer the free access throughout the day. Having their doors opened until 1:00 am.

This is the perfect day (and night) to visit these museums you wanted to see and never had the time to do it. And, even if the visit will be free, it is advisable that you check the website of the museums you want to visit, since to enter some of the most important ones, you will need a prior registration. This is for example the case for Museu Picasso, La Pedrera, Museu de les Arts Escèniques – MAE, Casa Vicens and the Centre Jujol-Can Negre. That is why we recommend you check them in advance to be able to enter and to enjoy one of the most beautiful and charming event of Barcelona.

The best paella in Barcelona? We tell you where to try it

The best paella in Barcelona? We tell you where to try it

Paella is one of the star dishes of the cuisine of our country. That is why there are many tourists who insist on enjoying the best rice when they come to visit our land. Although Valencia is the region in which this recipe has been most famous, it admits a large number of varieties, Barcelona is a city where you can also taste an exquisite paella, so in this post we wanted to recommend some of the places where you eat the best paella in Barcelona.

The most advisable thing is that you approach the coast, the Barceloneta district, the Paseo Marítimo or any other point of the coast. The paella that you will find most in Barcelona is probably the marinera, because it is a coastal city. However, you will not find it difficult to find restaurants where you can eat paella in Barcelona that is of other varieties, such as Valencian (which is what gives the name to the original recipe), mixed, mountain or vegetable.

The Best Paella in Barcelona: 5 Restaurants where to eat

If you want to know where to eat the best paella in Barcelona, ​​we recommend that you take a look at the list of restaurants that we are going to offer you next. To make this selection we have been led by a series of criteria, especially the quality of the raw material they serve, and also that the prices are okay with what they serve to the guests.

Restaurant Can Majó

In the heart of the Barceloneta is the Can Majó which, according to the opinions of many customers and culinary experts, is the place where you eat the best seafood rice in the whole of Barcelona. It is a restaurant where tradition is breathed and that is near the sea. Their star dish, which they recommend, is the sweet rice of crayfish and clams.

Meson Barceloneta

It is one of the most traditional restaurants in this unique neighborhood, which opened its doors in 1940. Mesón Barceloneta is the place where you will find the best black rice in the whole city. If we stick to the opinions of consumers, it is a place that is worth going to try your rice menu and its variety of seafood.

Restaurant Can Solé

112 years of history contemplate Can Solé, undoubtedly a place of pilgrimage for those who eat seafood and good rice is a pleasant experience. Located in the fishing port of Barceloneta, its menu includes up to 18 varieties of rice, so you can choose the one you want to try most.

Taverna Can Ros

It was born 110 years ago as a winery, and still retains the traditional and characteristic atmosphere of fishermen. Can Ros maintains a menu of cooking of a lifetime at good prices. It is a place where eating paella in Barcelona is worth it. La Mar Salada, also in Barceloneta, belongs to the same owners. In any of them, try the arrosegat and you will not regret it. Enjoying a good paella in Barcelona is a great gastronomic experience if you know where to go. For you, where can you eat the best paella in Barcelona? 

Discover Barcelona with the most complete touristic tours

Discover Barcelona with the most complete touristic tours

The Ciudad Condal is a city that contains as many secrets as there are possibilities to discover them. If you plan to visit such a magical place soon, one of the best option is to discover Barcelona with the touristic tours so that your days in the capital of Catalonia are unforgettable and you do not miss any details.

The best touristic tours in Barcelona

The tourist tours of Barcelona are several and complementary. Do not forget to carry out the following:

Tourist bus

It is essential both to have another perspective of the city and to guide you in such a large space. The trip by tourist bus is as interesting as it is distracting at first sight. Barcelona Bus Turístic and Barcelona City Tour offers different routes with the same ticket to visit the city of Barcelona in full.

The Gaudí Route

Getting to know the work of the great modernist architect is possible with the Gaudí Route. Enjoying the work of the immortal creator is essential to know the essence of the city. Do not skimp on wanting to know the characteristics of each masterpiece. The Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and La Pedrera are essential. You can walk the route on your own on foot or guided by bicycle.

The Roman Barcelona

In the Gothic Quarter there are remains of Barcino, name of the Roman Barcelona, ​​which can serve as a starting point. There is a route that starts, precisely, in the wall of the Plaça Nova. It was created to protect the core of the city. Following its structure you will reach an aqueduct. The vestiges of the temple of Augustus that you can see in Paradís street are as interesting as worthy of admiration.

Barcelona Movie tour

The city has been the scene of great films like Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona (Woody Allen) or Todo sobre mi madre (Pedro Almodóvar). Barcelona Movie offers thematic tours of each film shot in Barcelona with stops in corners like the Columbus monument, emblematic places such as Sant Jaume square, the cathedral, San Felipe Neri and locations of vital importance in the history of the filming carried out in the city.

The Shadow of the Wind Route

The Route of the Shadow of the Wind will allow you to experience, in first person, the locations of the fantastic work of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. The tour of the scenarios covered by Daniel Sempere or the ineffable Fermín Romero de Torres will remind you of the plot of the essential tetralogy of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. Santa Ana Street, Plaza Real or Montcada Street will be part of your journey. Your fantasy will allow you to better understand the experiences of immortal characters that, surely, conquered you since they entered your life.

Barcelona Negra

The proposal is perfect for those who want to see another side of the city. It takes place at night and goes through the sidewalks of Las Ramblas to review the crimes committed in the last 2 centuries. The BCN Nocturna and Criminal route guides stop to tell, in great detail, those who managed to shock the Barcelona society. Remembering those stories can be an interesting exercise for you.

Bonus: Private Tour for Groups Pere Tarrés

If you stay at the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel you can book a private tour on foot in Barcelona for groups. With departure from the hostel itself and a duration of 3 hours. For groups of 12 and 16 years old a good way to get to know the city is through a fun Photographic Rally. Book your tour at Do not hesitate, discover Barcelona in one of the ways indicated above and invest new formulas to let yourself be conquered by the soul of this great city. In each street, in each square and in each building there are more than attractive elements to make your trip a constant adventure. Surely, your first visit will be the beginning of a long relationship of love with a place that is essential for all those who love art and culture. 

5 Restaurants to go out to dinner in Barcelona

5 Restaurants to go out to dinner in Barcelona

  Do you want to know the best restaurants to dinner in Barcelona but for backpacker pockets? We are going to make you a top 5 of the sites that you can not miss in Barcelona and that will make you lick your fingers. Luckily, even in big cities, like this one, there are still tapas places, bars and restaurants with delicious products at very cheap prices. At the end of the day, sightseeing all day will make anyone hungry, and before the warriors rest comes, it is necessary to restore energy as it is deserved. Find where to dine in Barcelona at a good price.

5 Restaurants for dinner in Barcelona at the best price

Take out a pen and paper, or your cell phone if you find it more comfortable, and aim for these restaurants for dinner in Barcelona on your essentials list. You can not miss them!

La Esquinica

It is a bar that has very good reviews, and are more than deserved. It's a tapas bar, they serve moderately generous portions and the product is very good. Their specialty is croquettes and patatas bravas, it is almost an obligation to try them. La esquinica - Passeig Fabra i Puig, 296

Bellavista Restaurant

It is located in the parc of l'Oreneta and its name is given by the incredible views of this terrace. The city is at your feet and you have a perspective from the heights of Barna. They have tapas, salads and hamburgers, but their specialty, and what really makes this place famous, are their roast chickens and chickens à l'Ast. You can not leave without having tried them. Rich and very economic dinner, enjoying the best views of the city surrounded by greenery. Rostisseria Restaurante Bellavista - Parc del Castell de l'Oreneta

Tasca i Vins

Located in the center of the city, it is a great meeting point for tapas and toast. Your portions are generous and the value for money will surprise you. Tasca i vins - Carrer de la Diputació, 304

La pizza del Born

In this list we could not miss the fast food, we all want a pizza from time to time for dinner, and this is our proposal. In this place they usually make offers of several portions of pizza with a drink, that are great. Also, you can have empanada dinners and have several homemade desserts on your menu. You will be delighted. La Pizza del Born - Passeig del Born, 22

Pim Pam Burguer

To continue with fast food dinners, we invite you to visit this restaurant. It is highly recommended because of the quality of its meat, the variety of its burgers, whose price varies depending on which one you order, and its fried chips. If there is a fan of hot dogs, here are several options on the menu and all at a price more than economic. Pim Pam Burger - Carrer de Sabateret, 4 Now you are ready to go out to dinner in Barcelona, ​​either alone, as a couple or with friends, and guess right! Part of a good preparation for a trip, plus if you go economically a little tighter, is to choose very well previously where to go and what kind of food to find. Start your gastronomic adventure in the night of Barcelona

5 Getaways to enjoy nature near Barcelona

5 Getaways to enjoy nature near Barcelona

Does the weekend come and you want to disconnect from your routine? Do you want to enjoy nature near Barcelona without having to travel too far? In this post we are going to propose five destinations in which you will enjoy a bucolic atmosphere; authentic backwater of peace where you can lose yourself as a couple, with your family or spend a few days of rest with your friends.

For holidays or the bridges where you plan to stay in the city, these getaways near Barcelona can be a great idea to do something different, away from the madding crowd. The city offers a large number of possibilities: cinema, music and sports shows, restaurants, nightlife ... But from time to time you want to distance yourself, enjoy the silence and let go of stress. If you plan to take your backpack and start an adventure of a day or a weekend, then we are going to give you some natural getaways near Barcelona that you will surely love.

Enjoy nature near Barcelona

You will not have to drive more than an hour to get to them, and the best part is that you can go with children and provide them with a fun plan. Take notes and write down in your agenda.

1.- The Bosc Animat

It is a kind of adventure circuit designed for the little ones, and is half an hour away from Barcelona. The Bosc Animat is a natural space where you can enjoy a family picnic while your children have fun practicing a large number of recreational sports activities. The entrance to the site includes a visit to Catalunya en Miniatura, the largest of the 14 miniature reproduction parks found in Europe. It is located in Torrellas de Llobregat.

2.- Gualba environmental park

It is about 60 kilometers away from the city, inside the protected area of Montseny. There are picnic and barbecue areas with capacity for 600 people, and if you want you can stay camping. You will find everything you need to enjoy nature near Barcelona with your family, in an idyllic setting. In the environmental park of Gualba you will find tables, grills, barbecues, playgrounds and a large parking area.

3.- Sot de l'infern

Route 'Sot de l'infern', in the Montseny. If you like to go hiking and spend hours walking through natural landscapes, we recommend you complete this route where you will come across old chestnut trees, wooden huts and also stone bridges. A circular road perfectly equipped for any type of public 60 kilometers from Barcelona.

4.- Castell de Montsoriu

An excursion of about 45 minutes departing from Breda, by a simple route. The Castell de Montsoriu is located between the municipalities of Arbucias and Sant Feliu de Buixalleu. It is worth visiting.

5.- Garraf Buddhist Monastery

Half an hour's drive from Barcelona is Sakya Tashi Ling, the first Buddhist monastery in Catalonia, in the heart of the Garraf Natural Park. Nature and culture on a route where you will find guided tours. Enjoying nature near Barcelona is possible. Stay at the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel and discover the best natural destinations to disconnect from urban life. 

Top 10: What to see in Barcelona

Top 10: What to see in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Spain for tourists. A single city concentrates culture, gastronomy and beach tourism. Still do not know what to see in Barcelona? In this post we present the Top 10 of Barcelona.

The 10 best things to see in Barcelona

1. La Sagrada Familia

When talking about Barcelona, ​​the first thing that comes to mind is the Sagrada Familia, you are not the only one, the Basilica of Antoni Gaudí is the most visited monument in the whole city. Do not forget to hire a guide to discover all the magic of the monument. Best if you buy tickets online to avoid queues.

2. Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (MNAC)

A museum with an imposing building that welcomes Montjuïc and exhibitions to hallucinate. It has the most complete collection of Romanesque art in the world, although it covers all artistic styles. An unmissable place for authentic art lovers.

3. The Olympic Port

Considered by tourists and locals as one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, ​​it is recognizable by having the tallest buildings in Barcelona, ​​the Torre Mapfre and the Hotel Arts, and the impressive structure of Frank Gehry, The Golden Fish. Built for the 1992 Olympics is a beautiful marina to walk and enjoy its restaurants, terraces, nightclubs and commercial spaces, without forgetting its beaches.

4. The Güell Park

World Heritage by UNESCO since 1984. When you walk through the Güell Park, you will have done it before because of its recognizable spaces: the Dragon's staircase, the columns of the hypostyle hall or the views from the Plaza de la Naturaleza. In the Park Güell, you will find the Gaudí House Museum and the Casa del Guarda, a small story house with audiovisual exhibitions that show us the past of the park.

5. Casa Batlló and La Pedrera

Paseo de Gracia, the most famous shopping street in Barcelona, ​​is also an architectural landmark of the city. Among its buildings are two of Gaudí's most emblematic works. In Casa Milá or La Pedrera you can enjoy an exhibition hall and the recreation of a Barcelona bourgeois house from the beginning of the twentieth century. In the attic you will find plans, models and more to understand the Gaudí universe. In Casa Batlló you can feel the magic of Gaudí since you cross the threshold of the door until you walk the colorful terrace with his sleeping dragon.

6. Montjüic

If you do not know what to do in Barcelona, ​​Montjüic is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable day. Do not miss the Magic Fountain at dusk, with its light and water show; the Botanical Garden, the Poble Espanyol, the MNAC, the Montjuïc Castle, the Olympic Ring and the Joan Miró Foundation.

7. The Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is the museum with the largest number of works of the Malaga artist in the world, more than 3500. One of the most important museums in Barcelona. Among his works is an original version of Las Meninas.

8. La Barceloneta

One of the most charismatic neighborhoods in Barcelona. Among its main attractions, its beaches, the busiest in Barcelona for its proximity to the city center and its excellent facilities. And to complete the day, a walk through its alleys with old buildings. Do not miss the Museum of History of Catalonia and the Clock Tower.

9. The Ciudatella Park

One of the largest and oldest natural parks in the entire city. Among its main attractions, the incredible waterfall of the monumental complex, Barcelona Zoo and the Three Dragons Castle. On sunny days it is very typical to find a picnic, birthday celebrations or people sunbathing.

10. The Boquería Market

The most famous market in all of Barcelona and a tourist attraction. With more than 300 places to enjoy Spanish and Catalan cuisine. Sausages, sweets... Do not forget to buy the typical Catalan sausage! Enjoy the city staying in one of the best hostels in Barcelona. The Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel is a modern and quiet space in which you can spend a very pleasant stay. Now with these 10 essentials ... Barcelona is yours! 

A day by bike in Barcelona

A day by bike in Barcelona

You arrive in Barcelona and because of the great amount of attractions you do not know very well where to start. Do not worry, we suggest a complete day by bike in Barcelona for you to enjoy and begin to familiarize yourself with the city. For this, it is necessary that you first have a bicycle. Renting a bike in Barcelona is very easy and cheap.

Bike rental in Barcelona

There are many companies where you can rent a bike in Barcelona. Prices vary slightly, but usually go between 5 and 20 euros a day, depending on the characteristics of the bicycle, as there are family, tandem, and even electric. Some of the companies that provide services are: Ride or die with an average price of 2 euros an hour, 10 euros a full day. Happy rental Bike with a price of 4 euros per hour.  with a price of 15 euros per day. Or Barcelona Rent a Bike with prices ranging from 6 euros to 20 euros for two days.

A day by bike in Barcelona

It is true that there are several bike routes in Barcelona that you can take. In fact, the place where you rent the bicycle will provide you with a map with the lanes designed for the circulation of bicycles, and a tourist map. However, here we will show you a route that includes several attractions of Barcelona, with their respective stops for lunch or snack. The route we propose has the Plaza de Cataluña as the starting and finishing place. A circular route that runs through the emblematic places of Barcelona. Plaza de Cataluña is one of the most crowded meeting points for being a transport hub and its a central location, in addition, the square has multiple sculptures that decorate it evoking classic motifs. We will start the route going up Paseo de Gracia.

One of the most popular commercial avenues. Between Aragón Street and Consejo de Ciente is the Doscord corner with 5 of the most outstanding modernist houses, among which is Casa Batlló, one of the most important modernist Gaudí buildings that represents the legend of Saint Jordi and the dragon . Following the Paseo de Gracia you will see Casa Milá, also known as La Pedrera because of the shape of its façade, designed by Gaudí. You will have to cross the Jardines de Salvador Espriu and reach Gran de Gracia, to continue towards Park Güell, one of the most important modernist works on the planet. Here you can make a stop to eat, and enjoy the magic of the place. After the well-deserved lunch and rest, we continue to the Sagrada Familia.

Despite being unfinished, it is considered a World Heritage Site. In addition, in the crypt is the tomb of Gaudí. You can visit it outside and inside. It is a spectacle. We continue pedaling towards Sardenya street until we reach the Arc de Triomphe. We continue along the Lluis Companys promenade to the Basilica of Santa María del Mar.

Afterwards, we will turn onto L'Argenteria street to take Via Laietana to the Mirador de Colón. From there we will go up to the Ramblas, the ideal place to have a succulent snack that will help us to face the final section that runs along Cardenal Street to the Avinguda de la Catedral. After visiting it, and admiring its beauty. We will finish the route by going back to Plaza de Cataluña through Capellans Street and the commercial avenue of Portal de L'Angel. Renting a bicycle and going out to discover the city is one of the most fun activities you can do in Barcelona. If you want to start your route from Albergue Pere Tarrés, you can rent your bike in its surroundings. Let’s pedal!