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The Foundation

Governing bodies


The Pere Tarrés Foundation is governed by a Board. Its key roles are to look after the fulfillment of the mission and the achievement of the aims established by the statutes of the institution, and, at the same time, to guarantee its sustainability. The Board gathers bimonthly with the aim of checking different programs of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, to sanction and advise on questions of importance such as budgets and the economic closing, on such documents as those related to the ideology of the Foundation, its Moral code, its strategic institutional Plan or on reflections done on its perspectives of future. Some members of the Board collaborate, as well, on the financial resources research, on the institutional representation, advising the management or providing the institution with interesting contacts.


Mr.Antoni Millet i Abbad | President
Mr.Esteve Renom i Polit | Vice-president
Father Enric Puig i Jofra, SJ. | Adviser
Mr.Manel S. Bernades i Eroles | Secretary
Mr.Jaume Valls i Passola | Member
Ms.Montserrat Ros i Serra | Member
Mr.Antoni Sansalvadó i Tribó | Member
Mr.Ricard Serlavós i Serra | Member
Mr.Jacint Boixasa Solagran | Member
Dr.Lluís Rullán Colom | Member
Mr.José Alaman Bitrian | Member

Board of directors

Is the body responsible for the institution's management and its day-to-day running. It is chaired by the General Director.


Mr.Josep Oriol Pujol i Humet | General Director of the Foundation
Date of birth: May 27, 1961.
Psychologist and Graduated in Business Management from ESADE. Professor of Management and Psychology at the EEB. Former president of the coordinating committee of Catalan Holiday Camps, Culture and Leisure Associations and Recreation Centers. Professor of Social psychology at Ramon Llull University. Member of the Advisory board of the Barcelona's Metropolitan Plan 2004. Member of the Board of the Foundation Catalunya Cristiana. Member of the Organizing Committee of the Children and Young Festival held at Expodidáctica. Member of the Board of Directors of the Public company of the Government of Catalonia TUJUCA, S.A. (Catalonian Youth Tourism).

Mrs.Antònia Peres i Torres | Internal Audit and Financial Management director.
Date of birth: July 22, 1968
Graduated in Economic Sciences and Business from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Master's degree [MBA] from the University of Barcelona (Fundación Bosch i Gimpera) and Postgraduate studies on Taxation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Mrs.Maria Valencia Vera | President of the Christian Recreation Centers Movement
Date of birth: October 16, 1977.
Graduated in teacher education. Specialized in Special Education from the University of Barcelona. Master's degree in Therapeutic body mediation: Specialization in Therapeutic Psychomotricity.
Special Education Schoolteacher at "Amat Verdú" Public School of Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Mr.Rafael Ruiz de Gauna i Torres | Director of the Training Institute
Date of birth: December 23, 1962.
Graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Barcelona and Graduate in Events Organization. Director of leisure activities for children and young people. Expert on nonprofit organizations and on tertiary sector. General Secretary of the Association of Social Initiative Institutions.

Mr.Raúl Giménez Chavarria | Director of the Holyday Camps Service.
Date of birth: February 20, 1976
Graduated in Business Management from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). MBA at Ecole Hoteliere of Lausanne, Suiza. Experience in consultancy and in the management of care centers for senior citizens.

Dr.Francisco José López Jiménez | Principal of the Social Work and Teacher Education University Schools.
Date of birth: March 28, 1963.
PhD in Psychology from the University of Valladolid, graduated in Psychology from the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

Advisory board

It was created on the year 2001. Its mission is to advise the Foundation on its social role. It is made up of people of recognized personal and professional value coming from different fields: business, education, society, culture, politics and mass media.


Mr. Lluís Rullán | President of Port Aventura
Mr. Albert Sáez | Assistant director of El Periódico de Catalunya
Mr. Àngel Castiñeira | Professor at ESADE
Mr. Antoni Puig | Member of the city council of Barcelona
Mrs. Esperança Esteve | Representative of the CSP in the Parliament
Mr. Francesc Escribano | Director of the Catalan Television
Sister Montserrat Torredeflot | Carmelite
Mr. Ignasi Carreras | Former manager of INTERMÓN-OXFAM and professor at ESADE
Mr. Ignasi Farreres | Former adviser of the Work Department of the Catalan Government
Mr. Ignasi Garcia i Clavel | Attached to the Offense Syndic
Mr. Ignasi Torrent | Economist
Mr. Josep Cerveró | Tourist consultant / Consultant of Tourism
Mr. Josep Mª Carbonell | President of the Catalan Audiovisuals Council
Mrs. Núria Gisper | Former director of Cáritas Diocesana
Sister Catalina Verdera i Estarellas | Sister of the Charity
Mr. Josep Maria Sanclimens | Businessman and founder of Tribuna Barcelona
Mr. Antoni Gutiérrez | General director of IDEOGRAMA
Mr. Ramon Guàrdia | Former President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation and President of Valores & Marketing
Ramon Olomí | Claretian missionary
Mr. Salvador Rovira | Empresari de Consultores de Organización Contable
Mr. Jordi Costa | Former President of the Pere Tarrés Foundation. Businessman
Mr. Antoni Donadéu | Businessman
Mr. Enric Cases | Recreation Centre Flor de Neu de Sant Vicenç dels Horts
Mr. Ramon Nicolau | Manager of Public Participation. Barcelona City Council.
Mrs. Anna Simó | Representative of ERC in the Catalan Parliament of Catalonia
Mr. Josep Maria Coronas | Lawyer, Coronas Advocats SL.
Mr. Pere Galí | Associated consultant / member, Roca Junyent Consultoria Empreses
Mr. Joan Martorell | GUTMAR
Mr. Santiago Ramentol | Adviser of the Audiovisuals Council of Catalonia


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