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The Foundation

The Foundation


Pere Tarrés Foundation - MissionPromoting people by means of education and social action based on Christian humanism values, especially during leisure time.


Goals of the mission

  • Promoting people. The final goal of the mission of the Pere Tarrés Foundation is to contributing to enhance human dignity and self-fulfillment in every dimension.

  • Education. Every action of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, either formative social or cultural, has a clear educational dimension in its means and aims.

  • Education during leisure time. The importance of the social contexts outside the school in building up young people's personality, has led the Pere Tarrés Foundation to considering leisure time as a privileged framework wherein to promote values education.

  • Social action. Social action addressed to help the most disfavored collectives and to promote community development can only be placed at the service of the person and his growth when it includes an educational dimension and it becomes a field for values education.

  • Values. The Pere Tarrés Foundation regards education as the transmission of values as an essential part of the person.

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