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The Foundation

Educational intervention

The aim of our educational intervention services is to accompany children in the learning of values which will help their personal growth.

Youth centres for leisure education

Our 154 youth centres use leisure education as a tool of social transformation. They work with a variety of children, those who want to enjoy educational leisure and others who require specific  social and educational care.

We run more than 20 out of school hours care centres located in neighbourhoods with social exclusion which offer leisure education to more than 3.000 children. We enhance integral action with families and their territory, we also teach social and educational values through games, improvement of school performance and the coexistence with children with social difficulties.

It has been really helpful to go to l’Esquitx youth centre, because the girls that work there – Care and Mònica – help us to look for a job, write a CV and they give us a lot of advice. They also organise parties now and then, which is great. In fact, these girls are an important part of our lives and it was thanks to them that I took this course, because my father just wanted me to get a job”
Rachid, Inserjove programme user


Social Action programmes for public administration and institutions

The Pere Tarrés Foundation provide public administration and institutions integral management of services aimed at the following sectors:

  • Nurseries: Management of 40 municipal nurseries. This service is part of the Foundation’s committment to education and society and to respond to existing social needs

  • Children: Open classrooms/centres, toy libraries, school support, workshops to teach values, outdoor activities, etc.

  • Youth: Youth centres, youth activities, etc.

  • Families: training courses for parents

  • Adults: cultural management programmes, workshops, training courses (on-line or in class), programmes to reduce the digital divide, specific courses for women

  • Elderly: activity centres for the elderly, programmes for district senior locals, intergenerational programmes, etc.


Programmes for schools and families

The Foundation offers a wide range of leisure education activities, to complement school education:

  • School dining halls: lunchtime is a good time to combine meals, learning of healthy eating habits, how to behave at table and leisure education

  • School summer camps: activity programmes for children who want to enjoy their summer holidays in their school environment. This service is essential to make possible work-life balance of their families

  • Extra-curricular activities: we provide innovative leisure activities that help children to develop their senses through observation, experimentation, reasoning, teamwork, creativity and learning while enjoying

  • Summer camps, ski holidays and activity centres are different proposals to enhance the experience of living with other children. Our “Summer, holidays for growth” campaign provides a wide range of quality leisure activities to children, teenagers, families and schools. This service also enhances work-life balance for families

  • We have a a network of over 150 premises that combine summer camp houses, hostels, nature school centres, and campsites

  • Other complementary services such as transport by coach and insurance

  • Special education programmes: school integration monitors

“I accompany an autistic boy in a school in Tortosa. It’s very important for him to know that I’m always with him, but I also have to help him to be as independent as possible. It’s very rewarding to see how he improves in the classroom every day, and feels part of it”
Cinta Bayarri,
learning support assistant

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